“Nang Magising si Juan” Episode 12 Sneak Peek

Ariel, in Nang Magising si Juan last July 27, continues to believe that his real talent is in show business.  He looks for ways and means to support his feeling and he joins the Chooks-to-go caravan.  This is actually a good move on his part to understand his real passion.  This is what we should all do to really discover if what we believe to be our capability is really true.

In joining the caravan, Ariel got himself into the groove of all the fun that Chooks-to-go caravan had to offer.  He went to the extent of being personally involved in the activities, which was again very good to enlighten him. He was convinced that it was really his calling to be in the limelight and he made up his mind that he would be a good endorser of Chooks to go.

He thought he should resign from his job with Feeling Close with FJCshow and maybe even his job with PLDT.  He went to me first to resign and tell me about his plans. I was surprised and kept asking him if he already had a signed contract.  He was evasive and didn’t really confirm, but he was so sure he wanted to resign, so I accepted.

When Ariel went back to Chooks-to-go, he was shocked to learn that they already had a poster of their endorser.  He didn’t even know!

Tomorrow, Aug 3 at 8am on GMA News TV, join Ariel again when he is seriously unable to pay his bills.  On Nang Magising Si Juan, learn more about possible solutions especially regarding the mobile salary option of Land Bank.


Catch Nang Magising si Juan this Sunday, 8:00 am, at GMA News TV!

Nang Magising si Juan would like to thank its sponsors Bulgar, Bounty Fresh Chicken Chooks-to-Go, Mang Inasal and LandBank of the Philippines. With them, we are able to give all Filipinos information while watching an enjoyable comedy show.

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