Financial Tools

Compute for Your Retirement Target Computing for Your Retirement Target Determine Your Personal Income and Expense Determining Your Personal Income and Expense
Find out your target earning asset upon retirement so that you can live comfortably, even without working and how much you need to save each month from here on to reach your retirement target. This tool can be used two ways: (1) compute whether your income is just enough to cover all your expenses and (2) prepare a monthly budget of the inflow and outflow of your money. This will guide you in identifying your needs and wants.
Preparing Statement of Assets and Liabilities Preparing Statement of Assets and Liabilities Net Asset Value Mutal Fund Net Asset Value
This tool can help you identify the value of all your belongings vs. the money you owe your creditors. This will help you determine whether your Net Worth is positive or negative. Tracking your assets & liabilities on a regular basis, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, will help you find out whether your net worth is increasing or decreasing. Find out the NAVPS Performance of locally listed mutual funds as to date.

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