“Nang Magising si Juan” Episode 13 Sneak Peek

While there are some improvements in Ariel’s financial education on Nang Magising Si Juan, there is still a lot to ask for.  In last week’s episode, Ariel ended up staying in a hotel because his electricity, water and telephone were cut off because he was unable to pay his bills.  Ariel is not as poor as not to find money for his electricity but he is not careful.  He forgot to pay the bills because he was too busy.  I had to remind Ariel that he can pay for his bills even by cellphone.Now he has to use his credit card to pay for his hotel bill and that adds up to his expenses.  Ariel didn’t even realize he was staying in aurumOne Makati Hotel that I own together with OFWs and members of KsKCoop.

At least, he remembered that he had to arrange for an interview with Ms. Yasly Corazon Jaen, Chief Admin Officer of Governance Commission for GOCC of LandBank Mobile Availer.  He learned that it is easy to get a salary loan. When you avail of a loan, you should have a mobile phone because you apply by text and you get the approval also by text within three days and the money is deposited to your account with Land Bank.

Tomorrow Aug. 10, watch the Ariel and the members of KsKCoop as they meet up in Hong Kong to discuss the projects of KsK.  We have sponsors for the show like Bulgar, Bounty Fresh Chicken Chooks-to-Go, Mang Inasal and LandBank of the Philippines.  With them, we are able to give all Filipinos information while watching an enjoyable comedy show.  Please pass the word to your family and friends.

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